Michael Powell|DJ Ciroc

Michael Powell – DJ Ciroc

Instagram: DJ_Ciroc_ 

Mikey3The Sound Expert

Michael “Mikey” Powell started out as a sound technician for the St. John Vianney High School Theatre Group. Since his early days of running microphone and speaker cables across the stage, he has come a very long way in the DJ community. Following high school, Mikey joined the Blue Diamond Team and began learning the ropes of professional entertainment. Now, you can usually find him entertaining the party people at clubs and bars along the Jersey Shore, or teaming up with the rest of the Blue Diamond Team at a Sweet Sixteen or Wedding Event.  Mikey is all about taking a plain boring evening, and making it the most memorable night of your life! He also loves dressing up as one of our many different costume characters to make all the kids smile when their favorite celebrities walk into their event!  It goes with out saying that Mikey is a sound expert, and whether it’s the top 40 hits pumping out of the speakers, or the sounds of childrens’ laughter in the backyard, you can be sure Mikey will bring it to every single event!

The Man Inside The Costume
In his spare time, Mikey enjoys making videos with the boys from NeeksTV youtube channel. He can also be found working on cars with his buddies on his days off. Mikey is a well rounded, hard working individual, and he puts the same time and effort into entertaining that he does into life.